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What We Do and How We Do It!

Columbia Steel Services Inc., an outgrowth of 110 years of Columbia Wire & Iron Works experience in the fabrication and erection of structural and miscellaneous steel, offers our services to general contractors, architects, and engineers looking to take advantage of outside inputs into a variety of activities and problem-solving.

CSSI has provided structural and miscellaneous steel contracting services for 12 years to general contractors, owners, architects, and engineers in the following areas:

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    Pre-Construction Services

    a. Budget estimates
    b. Means and methods input
    c. Pre-construction purchase of long-lead-time materials
    d. Evaluation of potential bidders
    e. Structural steel engineering peer review

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    Technical Services

    a. Steel modeling and detailing
    b. Coordination and expediting services
    c. Quality control and inspection

Columbia Steel Services Inc
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    Construction Services

    a. Fabrication and erection of structural steel.
    b. Fabrication and erection of architectural structural steel.
    c. Fabrication and installation of miscellaneous metals.
    d. Off site assembly of concrete formwork.
    e. Seismic upgrades.
    f. Lump sum, cost plus and GMP contracting

  • 04

    Dispute Resolution

    a. Analyze claim estimates
    b. Claim negotiations
    c. Expert witness